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What would a Taylor Swift musical look like? And when could we get it?



Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris

Several names have been discussed about which famous songwriters should work on Broadway. There is one name that keeps rising to the top, Taylor Swift. While talk of her heading to Broadway for her musical talents has been around for years, these discussions happened more frequently after the premiere of her latest albums. The re-release of her old albums has also increased this discussion. Heck, on TikTok, several accounts have even created musicals based on her music.

So, there is an audience for a Taylor Swift musical. We all know she will inevitably be involved in Broadway, especially since she is halfway to an Emmy, Grammy Oscar, and Tony (EGOT). The question remains: How will she accomplish this?

1. She will produce a project.

Many celebrities will send money to a theatrical project for a producer credit. If the project is an original theatrical production and gets nominated for a Tony, the producer will also receive a Tony nomination. If Taylor Swift were to produce a theatrical project, she would still have a chance to get a Tony. Plus, she has produced many albums and singles on her own. So, while creating a theatre piece is a different horse, Taylor Swift does have the experience for it. Finally, it would also be an opportunity to help other artists, given her ability to fund a new project employing many.

2. She will write a musical.

While there is a good chance that she could write a play, Ms.Swift will most likely write a musical of the two art forms. Music is what she is known for, so it makes sense that she would head in that direction. If Taylor were to write a musical with new music, it would be her best option for the Tony award. Plus, Taylor Swift could use songs different from the albums she has released. The most fantastic outcome of this choice is that her fan base would undoubtedly flock to see her musical, which could open them to see other non-Taylor Swift musicals.

3. She will star in a musical

A significant star will make their Broadway debut or just star on a Broadway stage every once in a while. I often call this “dipping their toe in the water,”; checking to see if they could lead a new production later or just for fun. Taylor might star in a limited run of a Broadway show before going full out with leading an entirely new show. This way, she could experience the expectations of theatre. She can also star in a musical that she wrote for a limited run, similar to Sara Bareilles and Lin Manuel Miranda.

4. She will do a combination of the previously mentioned ideas. This scenario, I believe, is the most likely to occur. Taylor Swift will create her musical while also starting in all at once. This scenario will be the most likely way to ensure her involvement on Broday will result in her receiving a Tony award. She would be following the footsteps of many great artists before her. The main barrier that might prevent her from partaking in this would be the amount of time Talyor Swift has to commit. However, I think the reward would be worth it - EGOT!

And there you have it, a few ways that Taylor Swift can premiere on Broadway. What are some of your thoughts on how Taylor Swift will appear on Broadway? Leave the ideas in the comments down below. Thanks for reading!