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There's no excuse for slow Wi-Fi with Deco mesh routers up to 31% off


TP-Link's Deco series of mesh routers are some of the best when it comes to great Wi-Fi coverage. A mesh works by using multiple routers to create a web of coverage so you can eliminate dead zones in your house. You can even expand an existing Deco mesh with any other Deco so if you've got a mesh that needs a bit more oomph, you can simply drop in a new node like the Deco X20. The Deco X20 is one of TP-Link's best Black Friday deals at $80 ($20 off) for a Wi-Fi 6 router.

The Deco X20 is an AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 mesh node that's a great start to your Deco mesh or a great way to add a bit more coverage where you need it. It works best with other Wi-Fi 6 Decos but if you've got an older Deco system, you can use the Deco X20 as the primary router to get some speed improvements.

If you live in an older house with concrete or brick walls, you may have a lot of trouble getting a Wi-Fi signal more than a room away from your router. The Deco P9 solves these problems with powerline tech and is available for just $158, that's 31% off. The Deco P9 system comes with three nodes with powerline backhaul capabilities so your mesh nodes can stay fast even when the Wi-Fi signal is weak between them. With three nodes, you'll be able to cover your entire home with AC1200 speeds.

In our review of the Deco X60, a slightly faster Deco mesh, we found TP-Link's software to be intuitive with quick initial setup and management. TP-Link uses the same Deco app for all of its mesh routers so if you want, you could even use all of these Decos together with the same Wi-Fi name and password. With Alexa support included, Deco can help you make the most of the best Black Friday smart home deals.

Up to 31% off a TP-Link Deco mesh Wi-Fi solution​

TP-Link Deco X20 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router | 20% off​

$80 at Amazon $80 at B&H $80 at Newegg

A single Deco X20 mesh router covers up to 2200 square feet with AX1800 speeds. This is a great standalone router for a small house or apartment with the ability to cover a large with more nodes. All Decos work together so if you already have a Deco mesh, this can work as an extender or as an upgrade base for an older system.

TP-Link Deco P9 Powerline Mesh Kit | 31% off​

$158 at Amazon $158 at B&H $150 at Newegg

One of a mesh network's biggest strengths is its ability to create consistent Wi-Fi coverage in tricky situations. Still, concrete or brick walls can destroy your signal integrity over just a few feet. The Deco P9 solves this by using the powerlines in your wall as a mesh link for fast and reliable Wi-Fi in any situation.

TP-Link makes some of the best Wi-Fi 6 mesh systems you can get thanks to its competitive prices and high quality. Its Deco product line adopts a simple but clean design language so your Deco router can fit in just about anywhere in your home. This is a good thing because since it's a mesh system, you'll want to space out your Deco nodes where you need coverage the most. You can start with just one Deco and add as many as you need to blanket your home in coverage