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The “Bachelorette” Michelle – Episode 6 Recap, & My Honest Thoughts on the Katie & John Relationship Revelation Yesterday



So I’ve got some good podcast news and some bad podcast news. The bad news is this week’s podcast will not be released tomorrow. Or Friday. The good news is it’ll be released on Saturday. Or Monday. Haven’t decided which day yet. The reason for that is this week’s guest is Amanda Grace Jenkins, one of the leads on “12 Dates of Christmas,” which drops all 9 of its season 2 episodes tomorrow. So I need to give people a few days to watch before I release the interview since we cover everything. Amanda Grace is already one of my favorite reality TV personalities ever. I hope you guys go watch the show sometime this weekend. She was great. Very open about her struggle with coming out as a lesbian. Only came out 3 years ago. So we talk about that, we talk about her time on the show, how the show ended up for her, what she’s up to post-show, etc. Very, very interesting and informative interview. What’s crazy is I recorded with Amanda … Continue reading →