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The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 2 Recap, Cassidy Goes Off on Social Media, & Bachelor Nation Relationships



It’s been an interesting few days since we last spoke. I have COVID. Well let me rephrase that. I HAD COVID. Tested positive last Wednesday. Took rapid at home tests and tested positive Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday. This morning was my first day testing negative since last Wednesday, so things are good. For my particular situation, it consisted of a sore throat that turned into a runny nose, a bit of congestion, and a mini fever that lasted less than 12 hrs. I’m pretty much through it although my voice is a little hoarse that I think you’ll be able to maybe hear in this weeks podcast. But possibly not since I’m not recording til tomorrow afternoon so maybe it’ll sound better. So I’m thankful for not having some of the horror stories of COVID that I know others have had. I’m vaxxed and I’ve been boosted for 2 months now, so I’m sure that played a role in my minor symptoms. I thought the at home tests were very helpful and easy. … Continue reading →