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The “Bachelor” Clayton – Episode 1 Recap, Salley’s Story, First Night Impressions, & More



Whew. What a long ass break I tell ya’. I feel like I haven’t written in like two…weeks. For those not keeping score at home, we are beginning month 6 of a 9 month journey in Bachelor Nation where there’s only been 2 weeks of breaks in between shows. It all started with Katie’s season beginning on June 7th, then went straight into BIP mid-August, which ended on Oct. 5th. Then Michelle’s season started up on Oct. 19th. It ended on Dec. 21, we had last week off, and here we are. Recharged and ready to go. And when I say “recharged” I mean the gas light is approaching “E” and there isn’t a gas station within 200 miles. I’m running on fumes here. But I’ll rally, we’ll get through this season and then get our normal break. Well, break from programming until May, but “Bachelorette” will begin filming in mid-March the week of Clayton’s finale airing, so they’ll be on schedule as usual.

We are back on a normal schedule now with recaps on … Continue reading →