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Six perfect introductory musicals for kids



‘Honk Jr’ at St. Ambrose University

When it comes to musicals or theatre in general, parents or guardians often have to stop and ask: how do I grow my children’s love for theatre, and where do I start? Many parents want an age-appropriate show that has some adult appeal. Multiple musical and theater options make it difficult or overwhelming for parents to know what shows fall into an age-appropriate category.

Well, here are six shows that are great introductory shows for kids.

Elf: The Musical​

With the winter holiday season right around the corner, what better introductory musical than Elf: The Musical? Based on the movie of the same name, Elf: The Musical tells the story of Buddy, after finding out he is human, travels to New York City to find his dad and spread the holiday spirit. The songs are sure to stay in your head throughout this holiday season. A few jokes will fly over the kiddo’s heads that the adults are sure to laugh at. Elf: The Musical is the way to go if you want a show that the whole family will enjoy.

Winnie The Pooh: The Musical​

The newest one on the list, Winnie The Pooh: The Musical, is a new musical stage adaption premiering in New York City. However, it has many of the songs from the original movies. The story itself is about Winne The Pooh and his friends navigating a typical day in hundred-acre woods. While I haven’t seen the musical, the puppets alone make me want to buy a ticket. If you’re going to see the show in New York City, the show’s website has multiple options regarding safety. This includes but is not limited to onsight testing and required vaccinations for those twelve and older. Winnie The Pooh: The Musical seems like the perfect musical to introduce a new generation to the world of hundred-acre woods and theatre.

Tuck Everlasting​

One of my underrated favorite musicals, Tuck Everlasting, is the story of a young girl who meets a family of immortals and must decide if she wants to join immortality or stay with her own family, aging appropriately. It is also has a novel that is perfect for bedtime reading and a movie as well. Due to the show coming out during the 2016 Broadway season, it didn’t get the recognition it deserved. However, the cast album is fantastic to listen to on a walk or a regular Sunday evening. If you want a story meant for older children that is still family-friendly, Tuck Everlasting is the way to go.

Matilda: The Musical​

Based on the classic Rohal D. novel and the fantastic 90’s movie of the same name, Matilda tells the story of a young girl discovering that she has magical powers and decides to use them for good. The rest of the musical takes the audience with her as she faces off against villains of daily life. While it was popular during its original run on Broadway, the show’s buzz has declined. Like many shows on this list, there are jokes meant for those in the older generation. However, the album is perfect for listening on the car ride. For those across the pond, the show is touring and playing on the West End. For everyone else, Netflix is doing a production of the musical that will premiere in December 2022. Matilda: The Musical is a great show for kids of all ages.

Singing in the Rain​

The oldest recommendation on this list, Singing in The Rain, is a story for the ages. The plot is about a movie star trying to make his next big hit with the help of friends. The stage adaptation replicates the movie perfectly. The dance numbers are incredible. This is the musical where we got “Good Morning” and of course “Singing in The Rain.” The movie stars Gene Kelly and the wonderful Debbie Reynolds. Need I say more? If you want a classic, Singing in The Rain is the way to go.


If you want a musical that gives a lesson, then look no further than Honk! It tells the story of the Ugly Duckling. The show is perfect for first-time theatre experiences. The musical brings up how being different makes us unique. If you loved the original Ugly Duckling, then you will enjoy Honk!

And that brings us to the end of our list. If you want your little one to watch the show before you take them to see it in person, most of the shows on this list also have big-screen adaptations or visual recordings. Almost all also have albums on Spotify, which makes listening easy to access. Comment down below what other musicals should be on this list. Thanks for reading.