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Pro Tips: How To Make the Perfect Bed



. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make the perfect bed, this is it!


It’s the simple things in life that make us happy and a perfectly made bed ons one of them. Do you want the same feel that you get from a bed in a luxury hotel in your own home? Have you ever wondered how they make those beds in editorial magazines look so pretty? Well, here are some pro tips that you can use to make the perfect bed in your own house!​


Pro Tips: How To Make the Perfect Bed​

First you’ll need the perfect bedding and Bed Bath & Beyond is a great place to start. They have so many bed-in-a-bag options that make it easy. And speaking of easy, make sure to try out their curbside pickup. You can order online and your local Bed Bath & Beyond store will have your order ready in 2 business hours! (Only on items that are in-stock at your store.) I tried it, and it’s awesome! I just pulled up, tapped the order on my phone, and an associate was out within a minute with my order. It was a great way to stay in my jammies and still get what I wanted the same day.​


What you’ll need:

A set of sheets (fitted and flat): I like mixing and matching prints and solids.

Comforter set: I found this one in black. I love the classic neutrality that can go from one season to the next with just a few tweaks.​


4 sleeping pillows and pillowcases (the great thing about a bed-in-a-bag is that it comes with pillowcases and decorative pillows.

5 throw pillows (again, I like to mix and match)

1-2 throw blankets


Pro Tip 1: Lay Your Flat Sheet Upside Down​

Not many people know to do this, but the pros do. The trick to making the perfect bed is to lay your flat patterned sheet upside down so that the print is pointing downward. The point of this is that you pull back the covers, the print shows. Genius!

Start with your fitted sheet.


Next, add the flat sheet, print down, then put the comforter on top.


Fold back the top two laters (flat sheet and comforter) to reveal the printed side of the sheet.​



Tuck them under to make a clean, crisp look.​



This reveals the print and gives your bed an added sense of dimension.​


Pro Tip 2: Use 4 Sleeping Pillows and 5 {ish} Throw Pillows​

For the pros, four standard sleeping pillows is a must on the perfect bed and it gives guests an added comfort and convenience. (Bonus points if they’re ultra comfortable.) Many people use an extra pillow for their back or between their knees, so giving your guests that option is a nice gesture.​


Throw pillows might not be practical, but they look amazing. And I guess that’s why they’re called “throws,” because you simply toss them off when you’re ready for bed. To get a pro-styled look, go for around 5 throw pillows of varied textures and patterns. They give the bed body and flare.​



Pro Tip #3: End with a Throw Blanket​

A throw blanket is like the icing on the cake of a perfectly styled bed. You can fold one over the end of the bed or simply toss it on for that “throw” look.​


It’s nice to keep 2-3 throw blankets in every room because guests always want to snuggle up.

Toss them in a basket like this one for a stylish touch.​


And that’s it! 3 pro tips and anyone can make the perfect bed.​


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