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Podcast #268 – Interview with Shayne Lamas (Part 2)



We are back for Part 2 of the Shayne Lamas interview, and you definitely don’t wanna miss this one. We talk about everything in her life since her “Bachelor” appearance, which I must say is much more interesting. From her E! show that Mike Fleiss got her a year later, to her marriage to Nik Richie in Vegas 8 hours after meeting him, to that marriage lasting 11 years before splitting last May, to where she is today with everything and what she thinks about the marriage looking back on it. There’s a lot in here in this nearly 60 minute conversation. I hope you all enjoy it. As always, if you’d like to reply to the interview, you can follow Shayne on IG at (@@shaynelamas). One of the best guests we’ve ever had and I can pretty much guarantee she’ll be on again in the future. Very refreshing to hear someone with no filter and all her candidness come on the podcast who’s out of contract. Love it. Lets find … Continue reading →