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Podcast #267 – Interview with Shayne Lamas, the Winner of Matt Grant’s “Bachelor” Season (Part 1)



A podcast so good, I split it up into two parts. Ok, well that’s part of the reason. The other reason being it’s a busy weekend and it’ll be tough for me to get another guest next week. So here we are, the winner of Matt Grant’s season of the “Bachelor,” Shayne Lamas is a first time guest and she doesn’t disappoint. Like, at all. Part 1 is all about her time on Matt’s season to how she got cast, what TV role she was up for at the time, how she felt during her season, why they only lasted 2 months, and much, much more. It’s really refreshing speaking to contestants so far out of contract because they have no filter. Shayne has zero ties to this show anymore, nor does she want to be on any future show involving them. And those are usually the best guests. While she is very candid this week, Part 2 next week is a deep dive into her life post-Bachelor which, if you already know, is pretty … Continue reading →