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Podcast #266 – Interview with “Survivor’s” Stephen Fishbach



Certainly was one of the more interesting seasons of “Survivor” that just ended last week, if not a bit controversial. But not necessarily because the wrong person won, it was HOW they won. To everyone who played the game with Erika, she was most deserving – she almost swept the final vote. But to America watching at home, pretty much no one could understand not only how Xander didn’t win, but how he didn’t even garner a vote at final tribal. So this edit vs. reality storyline is something Stephen Fishbach and I tackle in today’s podcast. As you know, he’s our resident “Survivor” expert and I love having him on to talk about the show. We had him on after episode 1 and now to do a wrap on the season. So many topics to discuss from this season and is another great 60 minute chat on what we saw this season. As always, if you’d like to respond to the interview, please include Stephen’s Twitter handle (@stephenfishbach) in your … Continue reading →