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Nine bucket-list theatres that you should visit



Theatres and art houses are important symbols of talent and creativity. Many visit these places to have an experience they can’t have anywhere else. While Broadway and the West End have some of the most famous theatres globally, others deserve attention as well. There are thousands of theatres around the globe that showcase one of the world’s oldest professions. There is only one question left: which theatres and art houses should you visit?

Here are nine theatres that may not be as front and center as Broadway but have their unique characteristics.

Balboa Theatre​


The first theatre on the list is the Balboa Theatre. The theatre resides in San Diego and was founded in 1924 to be a vaudeville theatre; nowadays, it has a variety of talent that graces its stage. For this season alone, they have An Irish Christmas, Dancing With The Stars Live!, and Fran Lebowtliz, just to name a few. In terms of accessibility, one glance at the theatre’s web page could put many at ease. In addition to various wheelchair seating in different theatre spots, there is also event assistance, sight and audio impaired seating, and sensitivity performances. So, if you want a different theatre experience, Balboa Theatre is the way to go.

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre​


If you want to experience theatre in Dublin, Ireland, I recommend the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. One of the newer theatres on the list, it opened in 2010. At first glance, one might think that it wasn’t a theatre because its external appearance is the opposite of a traditional theatre. It instead mirrors an appearance of a modern art gallery. However, its interior has all the beloved elements of a conventional theatre setting. Most of the events in the theatre are shows that first graced the West End stage with a few concerts sprinkled throughout the season. Bord Gáis Energy Theatre is the way to go if you want to attend a new theatre with stylish modern architecture but still feel the warmth of a traditional theater ..

Queensland Performing Arts Centre​


For the next theatre on the list, we are going down to Australia. Queensland Performing Arts Centre is slightly different from the rest of the theatres on the list because of its multiple theatres in one. Some of the venuses are outside with dining options which is great for dinner and show. Others are indoors, which means you don’t have to worry about weather conditions. This opens up the possibilities of what shows one can see in a limited time frame. So if you want to go to multiple shows in one day, Queensland Performing Arts Centre is the way to go.

Dundee Repertory Theatre​


Next up on our list is the Dundee Repertory Theatre. This theatre in Scotland has many touring shows come through its doors. However, there are many ways that it stands out against the curve. This includes but is not limited to producing their work and having drama therapy sessions. Finally, many famous actors started at Dundee Rep; Alan Cumming, David Tennant, Hannah Gordon, and Donald Sutherland. So, if you see a show at Dundee Repertory Theatre, there is a good chance you might see the next big household name.

Sadler’s Wells Theatre​


If you are visiting England and want to experience dance, Sadler’s Wells Theatre is the way to go. First, a little background. Sadler’s Wells Theatre has had many transformations since the original theatre was built in 1683. Much of the production that comes from the theatre is dance-oriented. They even have produced and made productions to be streamed across the globe. The other thing that should be worth noting is the accessibility through the company. On their website, they have a whole page dedicated to making theatre easier for everyone. So, if you want to watch from one of the three theatres that Salder’s has from the comfort of your own home, there is no question that Sadler’s Wells Theatre has you covered.

Margravial Opera House​


In Germany, Margravial Opera House is one of the stand-out theatres. The theatre was one of the few theatres that survived from the 1700s. UNESCO also protects it; it is an organization that protects historical landmarks. The Baroque style just looks stunning, especially the ceiling of the interior theatre. Seriously, the pictures alone make me want to buy a plane ticket just to visit.

The Teatro Olimpico​


The Teatro Olimpico is the oldest theatre on the list and resides in Northern Italy. It is also the theatre home of Accademia Olimpica, which was founded a few years before. UNESCO, like the Margravial Opera House, protects it. Today, the theatre serves as a cultural center, and people can tour through it. There are still performances that go on to this very day. It has been a filming location for many projects. So, visit what is regarded as the oldest surviving stage in the world.

The Amazon Theatre​


For our second to the last theatre on this list, we go to the Amazon Theatre or Teatro Amazonas in Brazil. In 2019, it was voted Vogue to be one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. The main programs that come through its doors are music concerts, including the Amazonas Philharmonic Orchestra. It just has been restored too, which makes it the perfect time to visit.

Stanley Theatre​


Now I am maybe bragging or biased since this is my hometown theatre. However, even if I only visited it once, I would still say that it is one of my favorite theatres in the world. You feel the history as you step into the theatre. Initially, its primary use was to show movies; now, it has live performances. In addition to being a historical landmark, the Stanley has had hundreds of premieres grace its stage; this includes but is not limited to Alice Cooper, Dina Ross, George Carlin. Heck, even Arthea Franklin performed there. Now, it is multiple theatrical tour performances on its famous stage. So, if you are ever in Upstate New York, you have to check out the Stanley Theatre.

There you have it, nine theatres that you should visit. Comment down below your favorite theatres to see. Thanks for reading.