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Necromunda: Hired Gun gives players powerful weapons, agility, and a cyber mastiff


Hi everyone, I’m Jonathan, Lead Designer at Streum On Studio! We are a small team made up of passionate FPS and Warhammer 40K fans. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on our biggest game yet.

On behalf of the entire team, let me take you through Necromunda, one of the nastiest places in the galaxy. You’re going in with little more than a gun and a dog for company, and a whole lot of people interested in getting you dead. We want that experience to be the most fun you’ve had in a shooter in years, and the key to that is agility. Wall-running, double-jumping, mantling – they’re all fast, they’re all fun, and they’re all in pursuit of violence and bounties.

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Necromunda: Hired Gun gives players powerful weapons, agility, and a cyber mastiff

Your bounty hunter in Necromunda: Hired Gun – chosen at the start of the game – is a badass, a loner, and generally sick of the number of people trying to kill them on a daily basis. The complicated machinations of the universe that have led to them being filled with cyber – augmetics mean there’s a wonderful blend of aggression you need to work out as you go hunting for your targets.

Running & gunning​

You’re fast. Faster than almost anyone else. Fighting is a whirlwind of gunfire, close-range executions, and bullet-dodging. Many of your opponents are trained and ready grunts of their respective houses, but decidedly outgunned. You can dash around an arena, double jump to high places, run along walls to dodge enemy fire and reach new locations – all of it far beyond the capabilities of your average ganger. Coming into contact with a Hired Gun is usually the last thing that happens to anyone in their way, and you can really feel that through the way you play.

Grappling with victory​

A past accident has left this Hired Gun with a variety of body modifications and enhancements. Along with heightened reflexes and a mechanical heart, you now have your very own grappling hook arm. This is great for getting you into the action, where you’re at your most deadly, as well as disarming opponents. It can also be used to zip around levels, making otherwise-impossible traversal of great chasms and huge towers a sinch.

Taking a good boy for a walk​

You’re not the only one in the field. Your best bud and partner for life, the honorable cyber-mastiff, is with you on this journey. He’s just as jacked up on bionics as you are, and equally as keen to rid the world of bad guys. He’ll take gunfire for you, climb walls with you, and rip out throats on command. He loves treats, and is at your side with a squidge of his squeaky toy whenever you like.

Bringing the world to life​

As you will have seen in our trailer above, we’ve put a lot of love into creating our little corner of Necromunda, so there’s plenty of reasons to explore. As well as all the sights, sounds and thankfully not smells of the city, you’ll also be fighting against and alongside the iconic gangs of the Necromunda tabletop game. In addition, Kal Jerico, bounty hunter extraordinaire and last guy you’d ever want to trust, just so happens to be deeply involved with your mishaps and adventures. We won’t spoil anything, but you’ll be seeing a lot of this particular rogue.

Be ready to enter Hive World Necromunda​

With power comes choice, we’re pretty sure the old saying goes. How you play Necromunda: Hired Gun is up to you – there’s a whole host of combat styles to go with exactly what brand of violence you wish to bring to those in your way. Every limb can be upgraded, alongside your heart, brain, eyes, and more. This is alongside weapon choices that run the length and breadth of the weird and wonderful armoury of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Combine the two to express yourself on the battlefield.

So gear up and prepare yourself for a thrilling and violent new experience in the universe of Necromunda. Thanks to your cyber augments, you’ll run across the darkest reaches of the hive city, fly with your grappling hook and hunt the most notorious gangers alongside your cyber mastiff. We hope you’ll enjoy this new adventure in Necromunda: Hired Gun.

Necromunda: Hired Gun is currently available for pre-order with special bonuses and will release June 1 on PS5 and PS4. The retail version will be available on June 30.

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