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My 10 Favorite Halloween Musicals


Augustana College

Augustana College

Happy October! This is my absolute favorite time of year, and I always find myself blasting the same shows again and again to get myself in the spirit. Here are ten of my favorites!

10) The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride

Okay, so I’m cheating on #10. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride are films – but the music is undoubtedly essential to this season. My ringtone has been “This Is Halloween” for the entire year, so now it finally makes sense. And Corpse Bride is so underrated. “According to Plan” deserves a stage performance. These two musicals need to play a role in your Halloween listening.

9) Labyrinth

Who among us hasn’t jammed out to David Bowie singing “Magic Dance”? If you haven’t, this is your year to do it. Yes, I’m cheating again because this is a film…but c’mon, I couldn’t not include it.

8) We Are the Tigers

When I saw this show Off-Broadway, I had the time of my life. It’s murder and mayhem with a touch of high school drama. Although the plot content is gory (spoiler alert: there’s a killer on the loose), the songs are a great way to add a little pep to your playlist.

7) Heathers

It seems appropriate to place this near We Are the Tigers…more murder, more mayhem, more high school drama. The best combo.

6) The Adams Family

A classic addition! Lots of scary, silly tunes. “When You’re an Adams” is definitely a favorite.

5) Carrie

This show was a notorious flop – but honestly, I don’t understand why. It’s a great tribute to the late 80s, the songs do the characters justice, and it’s just the right amount of scary. Marin Mazzie was absolutely phenomenal as Carrie’s mom and nailed “When There’s No One.” It’s so worth the listen.

4) Zombie Prom

This one is notoriously one of my favorites. The perfect blend of campy, silly, and heartwarming.

3) Sweeney Todd

Perhaps the scariest on the list. This show is a great way to offset of campy faves – but it still has some silly moments, like “A Little Priest.” If you’re really looking to be terrified, “Epiphany” is a fantastic choice.

2) Little Shop of Horrors

“Suppertime” is horrifying. “Somewhere That’s Green” is a tearjerker. “Dentist” is the quintessential combo of frightening and funny. You absolutely need this classic on your Halloween playlist!

1) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The second an autumn leaf falls to the ground, I have this album on repeat 24/7. It’s just everything. Listen to it. Then listen to it again. You’re welcome.