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Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: Tips To Make Yours the “Fun” House



A huge thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond for collaborating with us on this sponsored post. They have everything you need to make yours the fun house.


There’s always that one house in the family where people just want to congregate. It’s comfortable full fun and that’s just where people want to be. And let’s face it, much of our entertainment is centered around eating and drinking. Eat, drink, and be merry.​

Top Items and Tips To Make Yours the Fun House​

Bed Bath and Beyond has everything a home needs to be cozy, inviting, and fun! Here are some top items and tips that are sure to gather your favorite people. And with their easy store and curbside pickup option, you can get the items you want the same day without leaving your car. When you choose “Curbside Pickup,” your order is ready in two business hours.


I ordered my items on one of those rainy days where I planned on staying in my sweats all day long. Bed Bath & Beyond curbside pickup was awesome. I just pulled up, let them know I was here from my phone, and they were out in less than a minute with my bags. It was the best!

Curbside pickup is a great way to get items now without going into the store or waiting for shipped items that might not arrive on time.​


Tip 1: Supply the drinks.​

Whether you’re watching a big game or cozying up to an intimate game night, drinks are essential. Cooler still, make your own.​


Top Drink-Making Items:

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

This is a BLAST and a real people-pleaser! Make your own sodas at home with the SodaStream and a few SodaStream flavors. The kids absolutely love this.​


The CO2 bottle provided allows you to choose how fizzy you want your drink. There are three different intensities of carbonation: light, medium, and heavy.​


Craving a soda but don’t want to run to the gas station? No problem! Make your own with just the push of a button and a squirt of some flavor.​



The CO2 lasts quite a while and when you run out, you can always get a refill.

You could have a soda station at your next family night or friend gathering. The SodaStream makes a great family gift!​


You could also have a hot chocolate bar using a Keurig or teapot of hot water, some festive mugs, canisters for mix-ins, and a little decor.​


Blendtec Blender

Make fun frozen drinks with an essential that I believe every house needs, a commercial-grade blender. I’ve had a Blendtec and a Vitamix and I loved them both equally. No matter which you choose, the fact of the matter is that once you go commercial, you can never go back.

It makes the silkiest frozen drinks, just like your favorite smoothie shop. Oh, and you can make shaved ice for the kids too!​


Tip 2: Don’t worry about the mess until after.​

I’ve learned over the years that it’s no fun to stress the messes that come from having kids and guests in the house. The best thing you can do is learn to let go and don’t worry about the mess until after everyone’s gone.

The absolute miracle cleaning item I could not live without in my life is my Dyson cord-free stick vacuum. It’s an absolute game-changer!​


I never sweep my floors anymore and it is miraculous. If you don’t have a cordless stick vacuum, just do yourself a huge favor and get one now. Here are lots of great options of all price ranges.​


No cords and they hold a charge for about 40 minutes. And if you have low-profile carpet, they work on that too!​

Tip 3: Always have the guest bedroom ready.​


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a cousin or friend from out of town call up and say, “We’re just passing through…can we stay the night at your house?” Of course, the answer is always yes, and that’s why I always keep the guest bedroom ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Bed Bath & Beyond is my go-to place for bedding, pillows, and throws to make guests feel special.

Go check out this post for how to make the perfect bed, just like the pros do in editorial magazines and department stores!



So make your casa the fun place this holiday season and beyond! And make sure to try out Bed Bath & Beyond’s contactless curbside pickup to make your shopping even more convenient.

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