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'A human tragedy'


I spoke with CNN's Catherine Shoichet in Forget conspiracy theories about migrants. Here's what experts say is going on. And it's not about the midterms. Here is some of what Catherine and I spoke about.
The situation is complicated, Allison said.
"There are contradictory things that we're still trying to tease out about the root causes," he said.
In Honduras, for example, the murder rate -- one factor analysts typically cite when they study why people migrate -- has been declining.
But despite the lingering questions about these large groups forming, Allison said the most important thing to do right now isn't to pinpoint why they're leaving; it's to address the humanitarian crisis that's emerging as they make the trek.
"These are people who really, with the information that they have available to them, have decided that this is their best opportunity. It's not something they take lightly. It's not something we should think they're being manipulated by Honduran politicians or US politicians to do," he said.
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