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5 Sweeter Than Sweet Mother’s Day Ideas



*Thanks to Snapfish for sponsoring this post! We love how they make special occasions even more special. You can even use code HOWDOESSHE to get 70% off any order over $25 and make for a sweet Mother’s Day.


Like most of us, I didn’t realize how much my mom did for me until I became a parent myself. I don’t remember all of the driving around my mom did to get me to clogging class, softball practice, and dentist cleanings. I just remember having the time of my life as a kid. And having clean teeth.

I didn’t realize that when I got sick in the middle of the night, that meant a completely sleepless night for my mom, who was there, holding a bucket by my bedside. Until I had kids, I never gave a second thought to the fact that my mom was the one cleaning up after me and comforting me all night long.

As a kid, my Mother’s Day gifts included pictures that I drew, crafts that I made, and scrambled eggs (with plenty of shells) that I offered up as “breakfast in bed.” I’m sure my mom adored those gifts because, well, that’s what moms do.​


But now that I’m an adult and fully realize the incredible depth of a mother’s love, it’s nice to go the extra mile for mom on Mother’s Day and express some of those things that I couldn’t as a child. If you feel the same, here are some of the sweetest Mother’s Day gift ideas to let her know that you see her.

(P.S. Use code HOWDOESSHE to get 70% off any Snapfish order over $25. That’s amazing!)​


5 Sweeter Than Sweet Mother’s Day Ideas​

1. The perfect card

If there was ever a day in the entire year to go all out on a card, Mother’s Day is it. Ask any mom out there–just hearing specific and intimate reasons why your children love you is the best in the whole wide world. Such sweet personalization is only fitting with a perfect personalized card to go with it.​


I absolutely love Snapfish’s custom cards. They are quick to make, and they have so many pre-designed cards that you can quickly drop a few pictures in and write a sweet message in just a few minutes. And at 70% off (use code HOWDOESSHE), they are a steal!​


Go find your perfect custom card now (and make sure to be specific when crafting your message. The sweetest Mother’s Day cards are all in the details.)​


If I had a dollar for all the times I’ve gotten my child a drink (oh man, all those sippy cup years!), I’d probably be a millionaire by now. Give mom the ultimate payback with a sippy cup of her own. Heaven knows after all these years she deserves it!​


She can unwind with her favorite beverage in a custom cup that is sweeter than sweet.

Shop Snapfish’s personalized drinkware here.​


3. Turn art into photo tiles

When trying to think of something unique that my kids could give grandma, I came across these photo tiles and immediately knew what to do.​


Kids’ art is the best and there are so many times I hate to see it go in the trash. Instead, I had the idea to turn some of my favorite pieces into these lightweight photo tiles (really, they’re light as air) and gift them to grandmas.​


My niece makes these digital prints and they are perfect in tile form. They come with special magnets you can use to safely hang them on your wall (they won’t tear paint off), or you can prop them up on a shelf or night stand.​



When it comes to sweet Mother’s Day ideas, it’s a unique gift that isn’t a bottle of lotion.​


When I was a teenager, I didn’t care what my mom thought. Now, I want to know everything about my mom, what she thinks, and what life experiences she’s had. It’s almost a need to know more about her. I think becoming a parent yourself makes you realize how short life really is. I want a piece of my mom with me forever and if she will pass down her journals, that would be a priceless treasure.

For those moms who like to write or make lists, gift the sweet gift of a custom journal or notebook.​


I loved this flower notebook where you can jot down and plan your garden ideas each year. A notebook can become anything you want it to be really, and Snapfish has so many fun designs (check out the taco journal!).

Even if your mom doesn’t journal, you can encourage her to start with this gift that will give back to her posterity for generations to come.​


5. Something special to snuggle up in​

For moms who love to snuggle up to a good book or favorite TV show, consider a customized photo blanket for 70% off (code HOWDOESSHE). These are so fun and so cozy and my kids always fight over it when they go to grandma’s house.

Other Favorite Snapfish Mother’s Day Ideas:


There are so many acts of love and service that moms do every single day that go largely unnoticed: being the last to dish up, being the first to go without.

You never know how much time you have with yours, so make sure that every single Mother’s Day, she knows that you see her.


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