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25 Days of Christ – A New Christmas Tradition




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The Christmas tradition that teaches the REAL meaning of Christmas!

Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also a time for rich traditions. Traditions that will stay in children’s memories forever. We have a wonderful tradition in our home that I know will be a hit in yours too. It allows the emphasis to be taken off the Christmas “gimmes” and presents, and allows you to focus more on the true meaning of Christmas. It provides 25 days of memories with your kids focused on the story of Christ. As a family you can work together to create and countdown to Christmas.

I love that this tradition teaches my kids that there is so much more than presents and cookies and Santa. Albeit, fun traditions, it’s not what I want them having forthright in their minds. I want them to be focused on the story of Christ. It’s the real reason behind the season!​

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This beautiful advent “calendar” of sorts allows you to spend a little time each day leading up to Christmas to devote to learning about some aspect of the true story of Christmas. It also comes with a whole set of devotionals and New Testament scriptures you can refer to nightly. I love the convenience! It makes it easy to teach to your kiddos (or yourself!)

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This wooden advent kit follows 25 stories from the Savior’s life from the New Testament and includes handmade ornaments to represent each one. Each day in December you can paint one ornament, hang the ornament, and reads the story from the scriptures that coincides with that ornament.
There are two options: a New Testament version (Based on the King James Version of the Bible) and for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there is also a New Testament/Book of Mormon version.


You also get a brand new product this year, The Good Shepherd book! It is a companion to The 25 Days of Christ set. It is a more comprehensive, in depth version of the reference cards that come with the ornaments. My kids LOVE to read this book and learn more about the story of Christ.


It can be a creative activity.
You can purchase the set painted and finished
OR you can paint the set yourself!

Get your family in on the phone and paint altogether! You can either paint them all in one night, or even, paint one each day as you countdown. Either way, it’s a great creative activity with purpose!

This tradition has made a huge difference to my family and I think it will be wonderful in your home as well.
Correction, I KNOW It will.
My kids look forward to this each night of December, each year!​

Also, these make AMAZING gifts. I am giving one to my sister this year!​

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Just look at the beautiful finished product!
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This is a tradition we will continue, I hope, forever. What a better way to focus on Christ and learn about his birth, ministry, and death. These are the memories I want my children to have forever.


Grab yours HERE before they’re gone with code “HDS20.”

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