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“Reader Emails,” BIP Ratings, Clayton’s Filming in Houston, Tyler C. on SNL, & (EXCLUSIVE) Where Are They Headed for Clayton’s Overnights & Final Rose



Quite a few things to get to today before we hit your “Reader Emails,” which was a bit low this week. Kind of expected since there were no shows this week, and, I didn’t put out a reminder IG post until yesterday. It’s ok. A few things to talk about like BIP ratings which we never went over, Jesse Palmer makes the “official” announcement, Tyler Cameron on SNL, Becca & Thomas ring theory, and more updates on Clayton’s season currently filming, including an exclusive on where overnights and the final rose ceremony will be. Because I’m fascinated by all things media related, and being a huge college football fan, the Jesse Palmer stuff interests me. When he was announced as the new “Bachelor” host, it said that ESPN had signed him to a new 3 year contract extension. And last week I told you I thought it’d be interesting to see if he did his regular Saturday appearance since rose ceremony #3 was last Friday night, and how he’d make it to ESPN in Connecticut … Continue reading →